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(06-11-2019, 04:03 PM)Jeeter Wrote: You say that no pope challenged its infallibility, then say Pius VII allowed heliocentric views. That sounds like a challenge of its “infallibility” to me. Pope Saint John Paul II and Pius XII also seemed to say otherwise. 


So which is it? And no, screaming “heretic” because you disagree isn’t an argument.

If you read my posts without that mind-bending bias you would know the answer to your question Jeeter. Oh, and by the way, I was the first to be called a heretic on this forum simply because I documented recorded Church history.

In 1820, Fr Olivieri, head man at the Holy Office at that time, invented a NON-HERETICAL Heliocentrism to avoid the 1616 heliocentrism he said was defined as irreformable heresy. Pope Pius VII, ignorant of the facts,  believed him and ignored the likes of Fr Anfossi telling him the truth and allowed Settele's 'non-heretical' heliocentric book to be published under the 'non-heretical' guise of 'according to modern astronomers.'

The last five books on the Index however, were all considered to promote the heretical heliocentrism. Nevertheless in 1835 Pope Gregory XVI took even them off the Index 'WITHOUT EXPLICIT COMMENT.' In other words he never gave a reason or doctrinal explanation why he dropped ther heretical books. But this act, like Pope Paul VI who got rid of the Index altogether, does not mean the heresies in them are no longer heresies.

Having conned their way past the doctrinal problem of heresy, that was put aside and heliocentrism as a physical fact was taken for granted thereafter, certainly by all popes since Leo XIII.

'Saint' Pope John Paul II as you call him was as big a cheat in this matter as any Olivieri. He admitted in his speech of 1992 that Einstein had shown RELATIVITY IN SPACE prevails. Now relativity means one cannot prove or falsify heliocentrism or geocentrism. But 'Saint' JP2 actually went on in his recorded and published speech that this did not detract from Galileo's position. Ever hear such NONSENSE. The 'Saint' admits Einstein says no proofs for either can be shown but that this does not detract from Galileo's heliocentrism, defined as formal heresy by JP2's predecessor.

That my friend is how the Catholic Church has been run since 1835.

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