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(06-17-2019, 08:34 AM)Stanis Wrote:
(06-16-2019, 05:00 PM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: I've read Bob's book and his work on arguing that CMB suggests that the Earth is at the center of the universe.

What is this argument?

I'm guessing he claims the CMB quadrupole "proves" our solar system is special?

He has a few different arguments, some where the claim is clear, others where it is more just an assertion that the CMB shows the central place of the Earth, but ill-defined, so hard to figure out the reason for the argument. He also has changed his arguments as critics have disproved others.

The more well-defined arguments involve the multipoles (dipole, quadrapole, octopole, etc.) and alignment.

His earliest argument is that the multipoles all align with earth itself at the very center, and that all vectors derivable from the CMB point directly towards earth, meaning that earth is the focus of all of these, and thus a special frame of reference, as opposed to Einstein's relativistic notion that one can equally take any frame of reference but that none of necessarily preferential.

Once critics pointed out a deviation of as much as 16 degrees, he changed the argument to say that the misalignment did not matter because the origin of the vectors was always earth (but that's a tautology, since the place of measurement will always, by definition, be the origin (much like my standing on top of a mountain and seeing various things does not make my position the center of measurement, but not the center in any absolute way). 

He then claimed that a 16 degree misalignment was an incorrect calculation, but never showed how.

Then he claimed that the misalignment was not significant, because an error of 5-10 degrees over the course of 45 billion light years (the estimated radius of the universe) is amazingly close (it's not, as one might be 8 billion light years off and still be within this margin). At that range, one could miss earth by 2500 times the distance to the Andromeda galaxy and be "aligned".

Then he changed the argument to say that misalignment would be expected in a geocentric universe. (Yes, that the alignment showed geocentrism, but in fact misalignment would be predicted if geocentrism were true).

Hence, why I wrote to cassini that I rejected the premise that Sungenis had shown CMB points to a geocentric universe.

Critics, like Dr MacAndrew have challenged Sungenis and Rick DeLano to demonstrate their claim after critiquing their early arguments, and have failed several times in their replies, which Dr MacAndrew has picked apart for mathematical blunders and a failure to understand the physics behind their calculations.
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