I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
A thought for those who reject the decrees of 1616:
‘Gnosticism can be detected when there is observed a degeneration in the respect, the reverence, the awe, the majesty, in the mysteries of God for all things holy and sacred. Galileoism acts like a pincer by stripping away the spiritual reality from the objective reality. Hence the things of God become only objects to be used by man as they see fit. Galileoism is the fruit of Gnosticism and it has this in common with other heresies that it seeks to attach the individual to Satan through error when we become unable to trust our own senses. St Gregory of Nyssa has bequeathed to us an incredible insight into the importance of objective reality in his ‘The Great Catechism.’ In chapter six he says: “Of all existing things there is a twofold manner of appreciation, the consideration of them being divided between what appertains to the intellect and what appertains to the senses;… But as in the sensible world itself,… owing to the Divine wisdom, there is an admixture and interpenetration of the sensible with the intellectual department, in order that all things may equally have a share in the beautiful, and no single one of existing things be without its share in that superior world.” In order for Faith to exist you must be able to trust your senses observing objective reality. Once accepted into the mind, Galileoism acts as a deadly acid working gradually in dissolving the relevance of objective reality to the individual. There is a common technique used by heretics in finding followers. First, they must convince the people they are ignorant by sowing doubt and confusion using various talents for speaking, thus turning objective reality into a quagmire of subjective quicksand. Second, they become master of all because they are perceived by their followers to be the only ones capable of teaching them [the Lynxes?]. Thus people become slaves, for they cannot sever the chains of error once objective reality becomes unrecognizable.
     The importance of objective reality being intertwined with truth [Catholic distinction] is explained by Saint Augustine: “Man is purified through that faith which is conversant with temporal things, in order to his being made capable of receiving the truth of things eternal. For one of their noblest intellects, the philosopher Plato, in the treatise which is named the Timaeus, speaks also to this effect: “as eternity is to that which is made, so truth to faith.” Eternity and truth belong to the things above; while that which is made and faith, these two belong to the things below. In order therefore that we may be called off from the lowest objects, and led up again to the highest, and in order also that what is made may attain to the eternal, we must come through faith to truth.”(The Harmony of the Gospels, book 1, ch.35). [In His miracles] Our Lord Jesus Christ uses the senses as a means of sustaining and increasing the faith.’ --- John Fohne: Galileoism.

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