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(06-19-2019, 06:20 AM)cassini Wrote: Fisheaters TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC forum?

Yes. Though we're generally pretty tolerant of Protestants like you, because we want you to embrace the Catholic Faith and have the chance of saving your souls.

That statement probably deserves some explanation.

Earlier, you publicly stated that the Catholic Church defected and that Protestants preserved the Truth. Since that is an heretical and blasphemous statement and you doubled down, in my mind, and you assert that Protestantism has the truth, I consider that a formal rejection of the Catholic Faith, and the embracing of Protestantism.

It's odd though, you assert Protestants preserved the Faith, while declaring that the Church they defected from 100 years earlier, was infallible. That's a really illogical and bizarre way of thinking, but heresy I guess, isn't supposed to make sense.

(06-19-2019, 06:20 AM)cassini Wrote: On February 24, 1616, the findings of Catholic teaching were as follows ...

The question is, by whom. It was not a "finding" or "decree" by the Pope or any magisterial body. It was a report given to the Pope by theologians.

Plenty of reports from even high-ranking theologians given to the Pope are not "Catholic teaching". Those reports do not establish the Faith. The Magisterium does.

Guess what? It has, and it does not agree with that report.

I would note in passing as well, no one asserts that the Sun is the center of the universe.

(06-19-2019, 06:20 AM)cassini Wrote: Rejection of the above began what is called MODERNISM ...

The Church defined, through Pope St Pius X that Modernism was a philosophical and theological error with two foundations : agnosticism and vital immanence. It has nothing directly to do with heliocentrism. Note that the arch-anti-Modernists never mention geocentrism, and in it was under that anti-Modernist Pope that his own Biblical Commission (which he gave his own Magisterial authority) determined that "day" in Genesis could be taken in a sense other than a 24-hour period, and the Pope specifically approved this decree, meaning it is the teaching of the Church.

(06-19-2019, 06:20 AM)cassini Wrote: This experience on Fisheaters, supposedly for traditional Catholics, shows me things are even worse than I thought.

You're welcome to go elsewhere and join your fellow Prots, but we'd really prefer that you abandon your pride and errors, and embrace the Catholic Faith.
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