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During this time of discovery two scholars, Robert Sungenis and Richard Delano also took an interest in the CMB’s findings. To them, interpretation of the data shows the Earth sits at the centre of the universe.
Such were the accolades from the scientific community for the CMR/CMB and its Nobel prizes that Robert Sungenis and Rick Delano felt confident in the discoveries involved. Accordingly they decided to make a movie and a CD out of it they called The Principle

If they really believed "the data shows" that, they could have submitted their findings to a peer reviewed journal. 

You might think no scientific journal would publish it, but in fact journals do regularly publish alternative interpretations. Petit successfully published several papers on a variable-speed-of-light alternative to inflation theories that appeared to be consistent with existing data.

So, if their work could really stand up to scholarly review, it would likely be featured in a top level publication like Nature or Science.

Instead, they make a film, and they had to mislead several of the people to get the interviews for the film. Is that what a scholar would do? Or is that more consistent with what a huckster would do?
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