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(06-19-2019, 03:30 PM)MagisterMusicae Wrote:
(06-19-2019, 06:20 AM)cassini Wrote: On February 24, 1616, the findings of Catholic teaching were as follows ...

The question is, by whom. It was not a "finding" or "decree" by the Pope or any magisterial body. It was a report given to the Pope by theologians.

Plenty of reports from even high-ranking theologians given to the Pope are not "Catholic teaching". Those reports do not establish the Faith. The Magisterium does.

Guess what? It has, and it does not agree with that report.

I would note in passing as well, no one asserts that the Sun is the center of the universe.

When I read nonsense like the above it is very difficult to walk away keeping in mind Matthew 7:6 where Christ tells his Apostles not to cast your pearls before swine.

How can someone, on a supposedly traditional Catholic forum deny the history of the Catholic Church?

In 1867, the French scholar Henri de L’Epinois gained access to many of the documents of the secret Church archives and published several of the most important ones in his Revue des Questions Historiques and again in his Les Piéces du Procés de Galilée. It was however, not until Pope Leo XIII finally opened the secret (private) Vatican’s archives and those of the Holy Office that the most comprehensive transcriptions of the affair were made. The first of these was by Antonio Favaro in his Works of Galileo Galilei (national edition 1890-1909 and 1929-1939). Further books edited by Domenico Berti (1876), the Protestant Karl von Gebler (1879), and others, all amounted to a vast compilation of facts pertaining to Galileo’s clash with the Church. Since then other documents pertaining to the Galileo case were unearthed, including records of the arguments made by the Holy Office when dropping the ban on heliocentric books from 1741 to 1835, details crucial to any accurate synthesis. The actual events of the Galileo case then, as distinct from their interpretation by many authors, and from the legends and myths, are now available to all'

These records show us Pope Paul V decreed a fixed sun biblical interpretation as formal heresy. They show in 1633 why the Church under Pope Urban VIII put Galileo on trial for that same heresy decreed by Pope Paul V. Word for word the record shows us the 1616 decree was absolute, binding and not reformable. They record the abjuration Galileo was made say and how he was found guilty of 'suspicion of heresy' that is the heresy defined as heresy in 1616. They also tell us the arguments used to allow the publication of Settele's book in 1820 and that the 1616 decree was held as absolute and non-reformable.

‘Someone once estimated,’ wrote the philosopher Ernan McMullin, ‘that more than two thousand books and long articles had been written about Galileo before 1900. Since then, that number has perhaps doubled.’ Millions of websites repeat this history.

But here on fisheaters forum a guy calling himself MagisterMusicae calls into doubt the facts of Church history and he has a bunch of followers who blindly support his nonsense.
You couldn't make it up, could you?


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