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(06-20-2019, 01:32 PM)cassini Wrote: Post after post, your man Magister keeps asking for 'proof' regarding the 1616 decree and indeed the 1633 trial of Galileo that had him up for the 1616 heresy. I repeat over 6,000 books, 10,000 articles and millions of websites tell the history of the Galileo case. But Magister doesn't seem to understand this history exists.

Cassini, this is the fundamental problem with feckless zealots like yourself : you can't help but interpret everything according to your own lens. It's not that you cannot give a simple answer, but you cannot even understand a simple request.

I really hope it's just this blind zeal and not intentional malice on your part, but I have never asked for "proof" in a general sense. I have asked for one very specific thing. I have asked for specific evidence that the Decree of the Congregation of the Index from 1616.

You have plentiful times provided "proof" from other resources, mostly just copying and pasting from your Word file of Fr Roberts' book, but that was not what was asked for.

I understand the history, but the fundamental flaw in your case comes down to one very specific thing : whether the Pope approved in forma specifica the 1616 Decree you claim is infallible. Cite whomever you want, but if you cannot show this, your entire case falls apart, and again and again, you dodge the question, more often than a corrupt politician.

I'd remind you that I've not proposed heliocentrism here, but only taken aim at your case, and you've never been able to answer that rebuttal under the terms I have offered. You've never said those terms are unfair, you just, like a used-car salesman start talking about how nice the chrome on this jalopy's bumper is and the history of the chrome-plating industry, when I've asked about the odometer's certification.

At first I was tempted to read this as just bitter zeal, but now I cannot help but think that, perhaps, you actually do understand the question, and do not have a response. Your progression of responses follows that classical pattern and has already lead you to double down on blasphemous and heretical statements in defense of your obsession. We may mock and tease you here, but the whole point is to show you that your claim is erroneous and has already led you to abandon the Catholic Faith. We're concerned for your soul, and those others you and Bob may lead away from the Catholic Faith.

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