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(06-24-2019, 11:26 PM)Stanis Wrote: Even conservative theologians say infallibility outside a council was only used a few dozen times, and several theologians say it was only the two Marian definitions.

Practically speaking, even if you think the 1633 decision has any force for anyone but Galileo, it is irrelevant today.
As I understand it, maybe infallibility applies in four cases according to the Church:
1. The Scripture
2. The Ecumenical Councils
3. Specific Papal Ex-Cathedra Declarations confirmed by the Church
4. The Magisterium

However, I am Eastern Orthodox, so I am not speaking authoritatively for your Church. In the EO Church, to give a comparison, many EO theologians would say that the Scripture and Ecumenical Councils are infallible, but they have different views on the nature of the infallibility, and some might not even say that any of them are infallible.

St. Augustine's idea was that the meaning of scripture is infallible per the specific meaning that the authors intended the passages. So if the Biblical writers meant that the earth was flat or stood still, whereas the sun went around the earth, then this meaning was infallible. .........But Augustine also wrote that in his own time people couldn't be living on the other side of the world (eg. The American Indians) because they wouldn't be able to be preached to........

Personally, my belief about Physics is that, as Einstein said about Physics, "Everything is relative", so to propose that the sun goes around the earth (like the Biblical writers could have) or vice versa would both be physically correct. There have been diagrams done of the moving of the stars and sun in relation to the earth based on the geocentric theory. They are much more convoluted than the heliocentric diagrams, but they are nevertheless valid per Einstein's theory. The heliocentric model is much more sensible, but they are both valid. It's like the statement- When you jump, do you push the earth or does the earth push you? They are both true statements.

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