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(06-25-2019, 03:20 PM)cassini Wrote: I have told you popes did not sign off their orders by way of the Holy Office because it was taken for granted as Prefect of the Holy Office the Pope had to approve the orderr before it went out in any way. I have also shown all that Pope Urban VIII did approve it in forma specifica. What part of 'in forma specifica means that the Pope has approved this document, act, or law, in a special such that no further appeal to the Pope directly is possible' do you not understand?

You've been shown wrong on this cassini, as I gave several example of when the Pope did do this.

We'll take just one : Lamentabili. It was a Holy Office Decree, which means it got the first oversight of Pope St Pius X, but he wanted to issue it in his own name, which is why he then approved it in forma specifica (as can be seen on the document, and is reported in the AAS as as also is reported in Magisterial source books like Denzinger).

This is why we usually say that Lamentabili is from Pius X even though it was from the Holy Office.

There are plenty of other decrees during the same period from the Holy Office which do not have that level of approval, despite being from the Holy Office, and thus while cited in Denzinger and other sources are always given as from the Holy Office and not from Pius X.

Again, if you have to redefine and deny the normal canonical understanding of such things, it shows how weak and false your arguments are.

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