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(06-25-2019, 04:30 PM)cassini Wrote: Fr Roberts was as victim of the LIE that geocentrism was proven false. Based on this, and his investigastion from the Church's archives that showed him the 1616 and 1633 decrees showed the infallibility of the definition that belief in heliocentrism was formal heresy, he had no choice to reject the Dogma of infallibility of Vatican I.

So, your expert was not so expert after all ...

You do realize that this statement undermines the whole case for Fr Roberts' book ...

He adequately proves the truth of infallibility (even though he rejects it), and of the infallibility of geocentrism (even though he rejects it), and was taken in by the alleged lie (showing he's not as good scholar as you think he is).

Interesting description of an expert, that.

(06-25-2019, 04:30 PM)cassini Wrote: So prejudiced and hateful are you and others that you JUDGE FR Roberts as a heretic.

Did any of you ever hear of MATERIAL HERESY? (emphasis added).

Yes. I mentioned it in the post above ... if you actually took the time to read it before your angry retort.

So you're willing to admit that your theological expert was actually a material heretic?

(06-25-2019, 04:30 PM)cassini Wrote: CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPAEDIA ...

Interesting you're willing to cite the Catholic Encyclopaedia as support. You know ... the one which rejects the 1616 decree saying : ...

Quote:By this decree the work of Copernicus was for the first time prohibited, as well as the "Epitome" of Kepler, but in each instance only donec corrigatur, the corrections prescribed being such as were necessary to exhibit the Copernican system as an hypothesis, not as an established fact. We learn further that with permission these works might be read in their entirety, by "the learned and skilful in the science" (Remus to Kepler). Galileo seems, says von Gebler, to have treated the decree of the Inquisition pretty coolly, speaking with satisfaction of the trifling changes prescribed in the work of Copernicus. He left Rome, however, with the evident intention of violating the promise extracted from him, and, while he pursued unmolested his searches in other branches of science, he lost no opportunity of manifesting his contempt for the astronomical system which he had promised to embrace. Nevertheless, when in 1624 he again visited Rome, he met with what is rightly described as "a noble and generous reception". The pope now reigning, Urban VIII, had, as Cardinal Barberini, been his friend and had opposed his condemnation in 1616. He conferred on his visitor a pension, to which as a foreigner in Rome Galileo had no claim, and which, says Brewster, must be regarded as an endowment of Science itself. But to Galileo's disappointment Urban would not annul the former judgment of the Inquisition.

or the one which also says :

Quote:Can it be said that either Paul V or Urban VIII so committed himself to the doctrine of geocentricism as to impose it upon the Church as an article of faith, and so to teach as pope what is now acknowledged to be untrue? That both these pontiffs were convinced anti-Copernicans cannot be doubted, nor that they believed the Copernican system to be unscriptural and desired its suppression. The question is, however, whether either of them condemned the doctrine ex cathedra. This, it is clear, they never did. As to the decree of 1616, we have seen that it was issued by the Congregation of the Index, which can raise no difficulty in regard of infallibility, this tribunal being absolutely incompetent to make a dogmatic decree. Nor is the case altered by the fact that the pope approved the Congregation's decision in forma communi, that is to say, to the extent needful for the purpose intended, namely to prohibit the circulation of writings which were judged harmful. The pope and his assessors may have been wrong in such a judgment, but this does not alter the character of the pronouncement, or convert it into a decree ex cathedra.

I'm glad you accept that the Catholic Encyclopaedia is a reliable source of information.
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