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(06-25-2019, 03:20 PM)cassini Wrote: 'I'm sorry, but I'm also not taking the apostate Fr. Roberts as an authority on what is ex cathedra.'
Fr Roberts was the most honest Catholic priest theologian in his book. It was that heresy being accepted by Rome that caused him to reject the dogma of infallibility. Believing the LIE that popes since 1820 believed he had no option but to reject the dogma of infallibility.

It's difficult to find much info on Fr. Roberts. He is identified as Roman Catholic clergy in some articles referring to him. He was not a geocentrist. He thought the condemnation of heliocentrism was ex cathedra, and therefore an argument against papal infallibility.

Before 1870, some Catholic theologians disputed papal infallibility, but when Vatican I defined it to be so, many submitted. Those that did not generally joined Dollinger and the Old Catholics (who did exist before Vatican I).

Writings against infallibility still appeared in Fr. Roberts' name after 1870. So either he didn't submit to Vatican I, or these were republications of work he wrote before Vatican I. I don't know whether he ended up Old Catholic or Anglican or something else. 

(06-25-2019, 03:14 PM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: Could you fill us in on Roberts apostasy?

I thought I had read specifically that he became apostate, but I was probably thinking of  this paragraph from Daly's text ( The Theological Status of Heliocentrism, p.48):
Quote:Father Roberts and his like would of course snort at the idea of Catholics being commanded to reject a proposition as heretical which the Church had not reprobated by an infallible judgement, but we have every reason to distrust his standard of judgement for it was that which led him to refuse to submit to the Church’s declaration of papal infallibility in 1870. Once he had taken the position that papal infallibility was not acceptable, it is not surprising that he should have done all in his power to argue that the decrees against Galileo (in his day, all but universally held to have been erroneous) ought to have been considered infallible as this would show that papal infallibility could indeed not be true. But we are safer in following the Church’s evaluation of her own infallibility than that of her enemies and of traitors from her ranks.
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