I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
(06-25-2019, 12:03 PM)rako Wrote: As I understand it, maybe infallibility applies in four cases according to the Church:
1. The Scripture
2. The Ecumenical Councils
3. Specific Papal Ex-Cathedra Declarations confirmed by the Church
4. The Magisterium

Yes, basically. Scripture is inspired, a positive impetus, so it's different than simple infallibility, which is a negative protection from error as defined by the Cathoilc Church.

Ecumenical councils can issue infallible statements, and (numerically speaking) most infallible statements have come from ecumenical councils rather than outside a council.

Vatican Council I defined papal ex cathedra infallibility, alone with several requirements that make it possible to identify papal statements as infallible or not, though there is still a grey area.

Finally, there is the ordinary and universal magisterium, which is also considered infallible by the Catholic Church. The difficulty is that it's never been defined in any detail. We could probably say (with St. Vincent of Lerins) that what has been believed everywhere, always and by everyone is part of the infallible ordinary and universal magisterium, but beyond that is unclear.

Since the issue at hand (geocentrism) has clearly not been believed by everyone, always, and everywhere, I don't see geocentrists trying to argue that it is ordinary and universal magisterium. Rather, they typically argue that itt was decided ex cathedra. So that's what my reply addressed.
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