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(06-26-2019, 12:07 AM)Stanis Wrote:
(06-25-2019, 03:39 PM)cassini Wrote: Wrong. Stellar aberration showed all the stars must circle once a year. See if you can get them to do that with Einsteins relativity and it will not happen.

What do you mean here? Aberration works fine in relativity.

It raises some questions for geocentrists, however.

‘Since the issue is one of relative motion only, there are infinitely many exact equivalent descriptions referred to different centres – in principle, any point will do, the Moon, Jupiter…’--- Sir Fred Hoyle, Nicolaus Copernicus, 1973, p.1.

‘We know that the difference between a heliocentric and a geocentric theory is one of motions only, and that such difference has no physical significance…’ --- Sir Fred Hoyle: Astronomy and Cosmology, 1975, p.416.  Stanis of Fisheaters and others. 

Here above are the conditions necessary for relativity.
Here below are the consequences if the above is wrong.

‘Any physical theory is always provisional, in the sense that it is only a hypothesis: you can never prove it. No matter how many times the results of experiments agree with some theory, you can never be sure that the next time the result will not contradict the theory. On the other hand, you can disprove a theory by finding even a single observation that disagrees with the predictions of the theory.’ --- Stephen Hawking, Brief History of Time, Ch. 1,

Looking down at the universal movements from above, what is the only physically possible geocentric order that will produce same-sized annual circles for all stars as found by Bradley’s aberration in 1726. It is the modified Tychonic stellatum of 1588, with every star in the heavens anchored to an orbiting sun around a fixed Earth at the centre of the universe, all moving together in one annual turn around the Earth at rest. According to Einstein’s relativity, by reversing the above model one should find a heliocentric model. But this does not happen. That model will not produce a heliocentric order if reversed.

‘As a philosopher of science Karl Popper has emphasized, a good theory is characterized by the fact that it makes a number of predictions that could in principle be disproved or falsified by observation. Each time new experiments are observed to agree with the predictions the theory survives, and our confidence in it is increased; but if ever a new observation is found to disagree, we have to abandon or modify the theory. ---Stephen Hawking, Brief History of Time, Ch. 1.

'Mediate for a few moments and the truth will dawn on you. Such a single observation, one of momentous importance we have here. According to the ruling relativity it makes with regard to the cosmos that the astronomers observe no physical difference, pontificates Sir Fred Hoyle, whether we declare the universe centered on the sun or the Earth. This profession, you will already have realized, is false. The two universes that this contention envisages could not physically be more different than they are. The Earth-centered one basically requires a Stellatum like that of Antiquity and the Middle-Ages to account for what we “here below” diurnally and annually observe. The never proven, nor provable, gospel of Galileo has in the long run reduced us to little blobs of thinking jelly on a pellet of stardust corkscrewing from somewhere into the nowhere of nothingless. The Sun-centered hypothesis truly “saves the appearance,” but the Earth-centered view only will do this if we re-introduce the Stellatum of yore and arrange the stars in that celestial sphere. A simple observation, but the Einsteinian theories are thereby condemned irrefutably.' --- Walter vasn der Kamp

Members of Fisheaters Forum, having rejected the authority of the Scriptures, the Fathers reading of them, the 1616 and 1633 decrees of the Church, as having no authority at all, a position begun by John Henry Newman (Father of Vatican II), a position that accuses the Church up to 1835 as having falsely held heliocentrism as formal heresy and put Galileo on trial
based on the same 1616 decree, finding him guilty of suspicion of heresy when our Fisheaters say there was no heresy. The rejection of Church teachings has been going on since the Apostles. In this Fisheaters case the excuse is that the decrees could be rejected because no pope ever climbed atop St Peters stating 'This one is infallible.' Imagine what we could reject in Catholicism under the same excuse. I am done trying to protect these decrees, and reject them as you like. History is awash with what Pope Paul V called heretics.

In 1871 and 1887 science itself found no orbiting of the Earth around the sun. To try to dumb down these scientific findings, the heretics allowed an Albert Einstein's relativity theory to explain these findings, and to make heliocentrism a viable theory once again. The world of 'science' needed this theory badly and adopted it since 1905. The fact that it included the science that geocentrism was never proven wrong was totally ignored by those Catholics who had rejected the 1616 dercree based on the lie that it was proven wrong. Don't believe me, well here is what Pope John Paul II's 1992 commission on Galileo told the world:

More than 150 years still had to pass before the optical and mechanical proofs for the motion of the Earth were discovered.…Cardinal Poupard says the 1633 sentence was not irreformable. In 1741, in the face of optical proof of the fact that the Earth revolves round the sun, Pope Benedict XIV (1740-1758) had the Holy Office grant an imprimatur to the first edition of the Complete Works of Galileo.’ --- Pope John Paul II Commission report: L’Osservatore Romano, November 4th, 1992.

 See, churchmen, headed by a pope, still telling the world and the flock that the Bible, all the Fathers reading of it,  the 1616 and 1633 decrees were all proven wrong. Where is Einstein's relativity stating that geocentrism is scientifically viable in this diatribe of lies?

Interesting to see the Fisheaters must now try to reject science itself by way of rhetoric.

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