I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
Oh, here is an example as to where the Galilean reformation has damaged Catholic teaching.

Recall in Vatican II's Gaudium et Spes it said;

‘The humble and persevering investigator of the secrets of nature is being led, as it were, by the hand of God in spite of himself, for it is God, the conserver of all things, who made them what they are. We cannot but deplore certain attitudes (not unknown among Christians) deriving from a short-sighted view of the rightful autonomy of science; they have occasioned conflict and controversy and have misled many into opposing faith and science.’ --- Gaudium et spes, # 36.

In other words the popes and theologians who defended the Fathers reading of the Scriptures were ignorant troublemakers, the likes of the heretic Galileo and antichrists like Newton and Voltaire were assisted by the hand of God.

So this NEWCHURCH Council then brought out its own catechism. I quote:

282 Catechesis on creation is of major importance. It concerns the very foundations of human and Christian life: for it makes explicit the response of the Christian faith to the basic question that men of all times have asked themselves: "Where do we come from?" "Where are we going?" "What is our origin?" "What is our end?" "Where does everything that exists come from and where is it going?" The two questions, the first about the origin and the second about the end, are inseparable. They are decisive for the meaning and orientation of our life and actions.

283 The question about the origins of the world and of man has been the object of many scientific studies which have splendidly enriched our knowledge of the age and dimensions of the cosmos, the development of life-forms and the appearance of man. These discoveries invite us to even greater admiration for the greatness of the Creator, prompting us to give him thanks for all his works and for the understanding and wisdom he gives to scholars and researchers. With Solomon they can say: "It is he who gave me unerring knowledge of what exists, to know the structure of the world and the activity of the elements. . . for wisdom, the fashioner of all things, taught me."

100% evolutionary creation is the new Catholic teaching. Well they can stuff their so-called Catholic teaching.

But worse than that, for look what they did with Solomon. St Robert Bellarmine quoted Solomon's geocentric creation as the word of God, but today's Magister Church has Solomon and all the heliocentric and evolutionary heretics thanking God for the Big Bang evolutionists who 'enriched Catholic understanding.,

You couldn't make it up.

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