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(06-30-2019, 11:59 AM)cassini Wrote: Again I start to wonder am I on a Protestant forum under guise as a Catholic one.

You're the one that claimed the Church has been teaching heresy since 1820, and the Protestant heretics are the ones that preserved the truth.

It's a bit rich to claim that we're Protestants when you are the one saying Protestants (who do not have the Faith, and whose interpretations of Scripture on which you rely are mere human opinion) have the Truth.

(06-30-2019, 11:59 AM)cassini Wrote: Who decides if all the Fathers when agreeing on a matter of biblical interpretation constitutes infallibility.

Ultimately, the Magisterium.

The Father's unanimity when they speak ex professo about a point of Faith, Morals or Exegesis guarantees infallibility, not merely when they speak about a topic, even if it is one mentioned in Scripture.

We can find citations all we like, but if there is any question, we look to the Magisterium to solve those doubts. But we're brought back to the same dilemma you've set up for yourself.

As much as you like to claim that decrees from 1616 and other times infallible prove this, the fact that the Magisterium said the opposite later leaves only two possibilities:

  1. The Popes began teaching manifest heresy in 1820 : in which case you ought to be a Sedevacantist since 1820 (and should reject Leo XIII and Benedict XV, whom you reference.
  2. The 1616 Decree was not infallible, nor was it correct that the Fathers were teaching ex professo about this topic, so while those who speak of it may suggest a geocentric system, they were not proposing this as doctrine.

You want a third option so choose to not be a Sedevacantist, but instead assert that the Catholic Church lost her marbles in 1820, has been teaching heresy since then, and the Protestant heretics preserved the True Doctrine. Mormonism is more logical.

(06-30-2019, 11:59 AM)cassini Wrote: Now when Pope Paul V in 1616 condemned rejection of geocentrism as revealed in Scripture as formal heresy, he said it was because all the Fathers held this interpretation of Scripture.

Again and again, it has been shown that Paul V did not teach this. You have been proven wrong on that point.

Don't let truth get in the way of your personal dogma, though.

(06-30-2019, 11:59 AM)cassini Wrote: Are you trying to tell me you know better and they were all wrong

No, I'm trying to show you how wrong you are in your illogical interpretation of history and the facts to fit your own personal interpretation of things.

At this point, I'm convinced you are not interested in the Truth, and so have given up trying to help you understand the Truth. You clearly don't care to do anything but puff up your own ego. It's classic toxic trad behavior.

But I see it as my duty to protect others from your blasphemy and errors. Your kind gives Catholics, and traditionalists in particular, a very bad name and someone needs to counter that. That's why I'm even continuing to engage in this otherwise useless escapade.
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