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(07-01-2019, 07:01 AM)cassini Wrote: 1. Rome, i.e. a Pontifical Congregation acting under the Pope’s order, may put forth a decision that is neither true nor safe.


3. Decrees of the Apostolic See and of Pontifical Con­gregations may be calculated to impede the free progress of Science.

4. The Pope’s infallibility is no guarantee that he may not use his supreme authority to indoctrinate the Church with erroneous opinions, through the medium of Congregations he has erected to assist him in protecting the Church from error.


7. The true interpretation of our Lord’s promises to St. Peter permits us to say that a Pope may, even when acting officially, confirm his brethren the Cardinals, and through them the rest of the Church, in an error as to what is matter of faith.

8. It is not always for the good of the Church that Catholics should submit themselves fully, perfectly, and absolutely, i.e. should yield a full assent, to the decisions of Pontifical Congregations, even when the Pope has con­firmed such decisions with his supreme authority, and ordered them published.

Are you not guilty of what you accuse us of in holding that the 1820 permission issued by the Holy Office and confirmed by the Pope, to publish heliocentric works, is erroneous?

Seems like you're projecting a bit.

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