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Quote:Or that the Fathers were not speaking ex professo, or were not widely unanimous in speaking ex professo, and so when they spoke were explaining according to a natural comological understanding, which, seeing as in 1616 had not been demonstrated as flawed by any solid science, was to be held by St Augustine's principle of interpretation of Scriptures. 

Here is a serious question from me to you MM.  I have no clue what the terms ex professo and in forma specifica mean in the context of this thread. When you asked Cassini earlier about the decrees being in forma specifica, what is it that you were asking of him?

And when the Fathers speak ex professo, does that mean that they are being explicit and speaking on matters of faith and morals?

I asked cassini in those terms because clearly if he's so well-versed that he can tell the rest of us we're all heretics he should know his theology, so it was intended to be high-brow. Sorry if I missed you on that one.

Congregations in the Roman Curia can issues decrees in their own name, or also can issue them with the Pope's approval. When the Pope approves them he can do so in the common manner (give his assent to them, like the Queen in most legislation in Commenwealth countries), or he can do so in a special way which makes the act no longer just an approved decree, but the Pope's own act. The common approval is approval in forma specifica. The special moto proprio approval is called in forma specifica, because the Pope would sign the decree and write these words upon it.

The best example of this is the decree Lamentabili condemning the errors of the Modernists. It was drawn up and issued by the Holy Office in 1907, but specifically approved, so it is generally considered a document of St Pius X.

The is important because only the Pope himself has the charism of infallibility. If a Pope does not approve a congregation decree in forma specifica then it cannot possibly qualify for consideration is possibly an infallible statement, because it would not be the Pope's decree.

I was asking cassini to demonstrate that the 1616 decree that he kept claiming was infallible was approved in forma specifica as a first step, so if it could be shown it was so approved and possibly infallible, then we could see what it said and demanded be held by Faith and whether the other qualification for infallibility applied.

I am not satisfied that cassini ever demonstrated this or even attempted to do so.

The term ex professo means exactly what you suggest. The Fathers teach ex professo when they intend to teach something as a matter of Faith. There are plenty of times they interpret psalm verses in a poetic manner and not doctrinally, for instance.

Make sense?
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