I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
(07-02-2019, 10:08 PM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: The term ex professo means exactly what you suggest. The Fathers teach ex professo when they intend to teach something as a matter of Faith. There are plenty of times they interpret psalm verses in a poetic manner and not doctrinally, for instance.

Poetically vs. doctrinally is perhaps not the best division.

Consider: a person explaining the parable of the mustard seed could bring in the biology of mustard to help. For example, most mustard species cannot self-pollinate, showing that for most people faith grows within a community and not in isolation, but there is at least one species of mustard which can self-pollinate, illustrating that a few may have vocations to be hermits. Or the triangle of U may show that just as genes can combine and express in very different ways, so the faith can express itself in the different modes of a St. Francis of Assissi or a St. Thomas Aquinas.

The science is brought in as common knowledge, as opposed to an ex professo teaching of the faith, even when it illustrates some aspect of the faith. 

The church fathers did much the same. They used science as the handmaid of theology, to illustrate and explain. But in 1500 years, some of that common scientific knowledge has changed a bit.
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