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Quote:I have tried to get out of this debate but each time I find readers are being subjected to propaganda and the ad hominem ploy rather than try to address the CONTENTS the quotes I put up. I simply cannot leave other Fisheaters following this thread in Ignorance.

No, I think that the contents of your arguments have been dealt with earlier in the thread. 

Also, it is not an ad hominem to point out sloppy thinking or plagiarism. Ad hominem means to the man and seeks to discredit your argument based upon faults in your character or details about your personality rather than your actual argument. If you quote a source and then freely make edits to it without citing the original author, then that is plagiarism and any interlocutor has the right to point that out. It is a very bad way to go about arguing and maintain intellectual honesty. 

You claim that you are a Catholic and that you are defending Catholic tradition. Yet you continually denigrate the Catholic Church. You have repeatedly claimed throughout this thread that the Catholic Church is in error, that certain Protestant groups have maintained the true Christian teaching on this particular point, and when this is pointed out you've doubled down. On top of this, you cite enemies of the Catholic faith (Protestants, Freemasons) as authorities for what the Catholic faith should teach. That's a little bass ackwards, isn't it?

Also, instead of dealing with the contents of those who are arguing with you, you just quote-grab and paste long excerpts from works of people who have been shown to be either heretics, apostates (Fr. Roberts), or Freemasons (White). This is little more than a smoke screen. 

Note, that isn't an ad hominem. I am not attacking you personally, nor has anyone attacked you personally.

The ad hominem ploy used by Magister is very obvious to me. He first dismissed Fr Roberts' book


a book  that shows the 1616 and 1633 decrees were papal and irreformable, on the basis that Fr Roberts rejected the Dogma of infallibility on his finding the 1616 decree, a decree Fr Roberts knew was papal (infallible) but was 'proven wrong' by science or so he was led to believe. Dismissing a thesis on the basis of truth is as ad hominem as yopu can get. 

Then came Andrew White's thesis on the Doctrine of Gerocentrism by all the Fatjhers and completed by St thomas Aquinas and Cardinal Bellarmine. Did Magister or his buddies acknowledge or address this doctrine. No he didn't, he simply said White was about the business of undermining the Catholic Church so nobody need to taker what he writes as confirming a Catholic doctrine. That is ad hominem at its best.

Two essential thesis on the subject of geocentrism dismissed as not worth reading because of who wrote them. That is how the ad hominemploy works.

I do not argue, I state a fact of history. The Catholic Church in from 1741-1835 did a u-turn on the 1616 and 1633 decrees of their predecessors. This rendered churchmen impotent when it came to other 'sciences' that denied the traditional understanding of Genesis, its revelations of God's creation and Original Sin that necessitated Christ becoming man to die for us so as to open heaven once again. When long-ages, evolution and the Big Bang came along, the churchmen, with popes as their head, did not condemn or argue against and such nonsense because they were afraid of making the same 'mistake' as they thought the Church did in 1616 and 1633. Meanwhile the Church continued to teach it had a duty to protect the flock from false-philosophy. 

‘Further, the Church which, together with the apostolic duty of teaching, has received the command to guard the deposit of faith, has also, from divine providence, the right and duty of proscribing “knowledge falsely so called” (I Tim. 6:20), “lest anyone be cheated by philosophy and vain deceit” (cf. Col. 2:8). Wherefore, all faithful Christians are not only forbidden to defend opinions of this sort, which are known to be contrary to the teaching of the faith, especially if they have been condemned by the Church, as the legitimate conclusions of science, but they shall be altogether bound to hold them rather as errors, which present a false appearance of truth.’  ---Vatican I (Denzinger - 1795-98.)

Meantime, the Church failed to condemn any of the false philosophies of long-ages, absurd evolution, and completely failed to say a word when science admitted geocentrism was never falsified. So much so that by Pius XII's time he was telling the PAS that the Big Bang billions of years ago, a theory that had its origin in an expanding universe that both Copernicus and Galileo said would happen if the stars moved around the Earth. Pius XII wasd the complete evolutionist, up to his eyes in false philosophy and even offered the discussion of Adam coming from pre-existing living matter. Not for him God creating Adam from inorganic clay. as for Eve, well you never hear the evolutionists say where she came from.

I try to tell fellow Catholics that the Church of 1616 and 1633 made no such mistake, that false-science did not prove the interpretation of all the Fathers and the church of Tradition believed in a myth of Geocentrism. But because the false-science rot has stimulated intellectual pride in man, even in so called traditional Catholics on this particular forum (as well as Catholic Answers of course) they argue against any idea that the Church of 1616 and 1633 did not err when definimng biblical heliocentrism as formal heresy. 

Now my remarks about Protestants and evolution. I said that my research found it was Protestants who championed the fight against the long-ages evolution and indeed heliocentric frauds. While the Catholic Church accommodated these false philosophies, Individual Protestants were defending the Scriptural and scientific truths of Genesis. And that denial still goes on. On another thread a Fr Robinson SSPX, continues this we came from Big Bang evolved monkeys.

It is very hard for me to believe so-called traditional Catholics would argue that the Church of 1616 was wrong and join centuries of ridicule of the Church of 1616 and 1633.

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