I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
Quote:He first dismissed Fr Roberts' book [...] a book  that shows the 1616 and 1633 decrees were papal and irreformable, on the basis that Fr Roberts rejected the Dogma of infallibility 

Usually when arguing about theology and Catholic doctrine, whether or not the source being cited is a heretic or not is important. 
Quote:No he didn't, he simply said White was about the business of undermining the Catholic Church so nobody need to taker what he writes as confirming a Catholic doctrine.

Again, it is usually of note whether or not the writer of a book expounding on Church teaching is a public enemy of the Church. I don't know if you are familiar with the Freemasons' relationship with the Church, but they kind of hate it intensely.
Same for Episcopalian ministers. Again, who is writing and the credentials he is bringing with him are going to be important in assessing any bias that he might have. A public enemy of the Catholic Church and Freemason would be suspect.
By this logic, I should read Jack Chick comics to determine Catholic Doctrine.
Quote:But because the false-science rot has stimulated intellectual pride in man, even in so called traditional Catholics on this particular forum (as well as Catholic Answers of course) they argue against any idea that the Church of 1616 and 1633 did not err when definimng biblical heliocentrism as formal heresy. 

I think they argue that the Church did not bind infallibly in either of these decrees.
Quote:Now my remarks about Protestants and evolution. I said that my research found it was Protestants who championed the fight against the long-ages evolution and indeed heliocentric frauds. While the Catholic Church accommodated these false philosophies, Individual Protestants were defending the Scriptural and scientific truths of Genesis. 

Why on Earth would I, a former Protestant, trust some individual man's interpretations Sacred Scripture over what the One Holy Catholic Church says we are permitted to believe? I stand with the Church, not with those who ridicule and try to destroy her.
Quote:And that denial still goes on. On another thread a Fr Robinson SSPX, continues this we came from Big Bang evolved monkeys.

Well, there's an oversimplification if ever there were one.
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