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Quote:Now my remarks about Protestants and evolution. I said that my research found it was Protestants who championed the fight against the long-ages evolution and indeed heliocentric frauds. While the Catholic Church accommodated these false philosophies, Individual Protestants were defending the Scriptural and scientific truths of Genesis. 

Why on Earth would I, a former Protestant, trust some individual man's interpretations Sacred Scripture over what the One Holy Catholic Church says we are permitted to believe? I stand with the Church, not with those who ridicule and try to destroy her.

Maybe I can sum up my synthesis with this one argument.

Here we have a Catholic Church in 1616 and 1633, holding the whole Catholic world to believe the Bible reveals geocentrism and like Galileo would have put him to death if he had admitted to this heresy.

Then in 1820, this same Catholic Church allows/teaches that the Bible can be interpreted heliocentrically.

In other words, you stand with a Church that contradicted itself.


And before Magisters come charging in with his individual man's interpretation as regards the authority of that 1616 decree, a decree that The holy Office admitted was irreformable in 1820 let me show all once again what  actually happened in 1820.

Quote  ‘In his “motives” (Sum, p102, no 7)  the Most Rev. Anfossi puts forth “the unrevisability of pontifical decrees.” But we have already proved that this is saved: the doctrine in question at the time was infected with a devistating motion, which is certainly contrary to the Sacred Scriptures, as it was declared.’--- Maurice A finocchiaro's   Retrying Galileo, University of california Press, page 213

The above quote came from Maurizio Benedetto Olivieri's Official summary of the investigation into allowing Fr Giuseppe Settele's heliocentric book to be published. Olivieri, a Dominican friar, Holy Office consultant and professor of Old Testament studies at La Sapienza University. In July of 1820 Fr Olivieri was promoted from consultant to Commissary General of the Inquisition. His admittance above that the 1616 decree was a binding papal decree can be found in his summary offered to the cardinals and pope of 1820. It is taken from documents published by  Maffei 1987 and in Brandmuller ans Greipl 1992. Finocchiaro rerferencs  many places where these details can be found in many recent publications.

But there is more in this Church document:

Now as well as admitting to the infallibility of the 1616 decree we see recorded above, but we also see the basis upon which they got Pope Pius VII to give an imprimatur to Settele's pro-heliocentric book. In order to have his/their herital cake and eat it, Olivieri invented a non hertetical heliocentrism that the Catholic Church could embrace while keeping their infallible decree. Read it and you see he said the 1616 decree was 'infected with a devistating motion.' The 1616 decree condemned as heretical was to hold the Bible reveals a fixed sun, nothing else was heretical. It said NOTHING about a devistating orbiting Earth. Indeed Both Copernicus and Galileo stated in their books that their heliocentrism did NOT have a devistating motion. In other words the heliocentric heresy was put into the womb of the Church by a deceit that is beyond belief.

Read the decrees of Pius VII and you will see he refers to the new invented non-heretical heliocentrism as held by MODERN astronomers.

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