I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
(07-03-2019, 01:58 PM)cassini Wrote: Maybe I can sum up my synthesis with this one argument.

Cassini, that is a fine synthesis. and it shows exactly how wrong you are and how you have failed now in nearly 20 pages to even engage the core of the arguments against you.

(07-03-2019, 01:58 PM)cassini Wrote: Here we have a Catholic Church in 1616 and 1633, holding the whole Catholic world to believe the Bible reveals geocentrism and like Galileo would have put him to death if he had admitted to this heresy.

That has not been proven, but you keep asserting it. In fact, in the case of 1616 you have been proven wrong again and again, but reason, logic, canon law and theology be damned because of your personal dogma.

There was no 1616 infallible decree. Yet you can write :

Quote:The 1616 decree condemned as heretical was to hold the Bible reveals a fixed sun, nothing else was heretical.

Again, there was no such decree, but you make your case for such a decree by a horrifically convoluted path.

In order to make an 1616 assessors theological report (which was never turned into a decree of the Holy Office) into a decree, you kick the matter offer to the Congregation of the Index which after that report issued a decree in which they forbids Copernican books. However, within that decree they neither mention nor cite the report, even though you claim that the report caused the decree (for which their is little evidence, and that would not change things anyway). Even if this were true, we would still need that Index decree to be possibly infallible and actually asserting that something be held by the faithful by Faith. To do this you assert that it was approved by the Pope because he was the head of the Holy Office and the Index was a part of this Congregation, but I showed that was not the case, and you have never been able to show were this decree was approved in forma specifica would would constitute the minimum conditions for infallibility. Even if we could show that, the decree textually does not meet the standards for declaring a dogma, because it is not clear what is being bound and who is bound and the full pontifical authority is being used. Even if we were to grant this, though, the best that could be argues is that this decree would declare infallible that Copernicanism was an error.

You have never engaged that series of arguments but assume the conclusion of this. You make the assertion, so it is yours to prove. You have not done that by your quote-mining of Roberts.

(07-03-2019, 01:58 PM)cassini Wrote: Then in 1820, this same Catholic Church allows/teaches that the Bible can be interpreted heliocentrically.

In other words, you stand with a Church that contradicted itself.

And that is exactly why we have said that you are not a Catholic. That statement is blasphemous and heretical if you actually believe it and it's not merely a rhetorical device. Given you earlier suggested that Protestants had preserved the Truth, it seems you do.
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