I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
(07-04-2019, 07:13 AM)Porkncheese Wrote: When I started university I officially rejected the Catholic faith of my family and became an atheist.
As I was involved in science I just assumed that the scientific theory of evolution was undeniable fact.

However my field is engineering, an applied science. The evolution theory was coming from a theoretical branch of science and I soon learnt that their standard of evidence is mere speculation. I then noticed that these scientists were nearly all atheists which I found suspicious. And a lot of these scientists like Richard Dawkins have more to say about religion than their field of science. Students in these fields are not allowed to put forward any hypothesis that does not conform to Darwinistic principals.

Eventually I rejected the theory along with the big bang. If we understand how life began then show us. In a lab, create life from nothing. We know lot about the gnome of humans and other animals now. But we cannot demonstrate evolution through DNA manipulation. And unless u have a model of a universe in motion u cannot explain anything about it.

In criminal law the standard of evidence must be beyond reasonable doubt.
In civil law the standard of evidence must be enough to tip the balance of probability.
In theoretical science the standard of evidence must support the theory.

My God Pork you are a breath of fresh air. I was raised as a 'Catholic' evolutionist and heliocentrist. When I was 50 years of age I read a book on the evolution fraud written by a Protestant and it took me ten minutes to see I was made a fool of. I used to quote Pope Pius XII who endorced the Big Bang as God's creative act billions of years ago. I was very angry because Catholicism had decreed the flock must be protected from false philosophy. The Big Bang, the mother of ALL evolutions, including the Nebular theory, the so-called evolution of 'our solar system' you have correctly rejected as pseudo-science. 

Do you know the history of the Big Bang theory? When hubble theorised, yes theorised, that the universe was expanding, A Catholic priest Lemaitre, extrapolated this expansion and came to an initial cause for it, an explosion. In his book, Copernicus wrote that if the universe was geocentric, then the rotating stars would tend to move outwards, similar to a ferris swing seat. So you see there is a geocentric cause for an expanding universe also, if the universe is expanding.

Unfortunately Pork you did not say if you are still an atheist. Once Big Bang evolution is seen for what it is, an atheists version of the universe, with no divine input at all, I hope you will see the absurdity of Catholics since 1835 in their trying to rescue Catholicism by trying to con the flock into the belief that God solved all the impossibilities evident in the big bang evolution history.

Having reasoned correctly the evolution of all is nonsense, there is only one other possibility, that an omnipotent cause was responsible. Traditional Catholicism teaches this. Consider for example the millions of different species of flower in the world, their shapes and colours. If you got ten thousand human artists to think up as many different kinds of flowers there are they would never replicate those coming from the mind of God.

If we think about this Earth that modern Catholicism has lowered to a planet, you will also see the work of divine omnipotence. There is nothing on this Earth that God did not anticipate for man's existence. Any of you rerading this in your home or elsewhere, realise that everything came from God's Earth. The walls around you, the paint, the chairs, the ingredients of your computers, your clothes, and your food. Think of all the different types of food man eats, all thoes flavours, all thought up by God for man's use and benefit. Year after year the Earth keeps producing, my God but wasn't evolution marvellous.

Now just because this false philosophy is rampant among Churchmen since the succumbed to heliocentrism, Darwinism and Big Bang creation, this does not stain the Catholic faith itself. Tt teaches immediate creation of all. We have to know the difference between opinions and teachings to find the true Catholic Church  Just as all those homosexual Cardinals, bishops and priests today dominate the clergy, this does not mean there are not good priests who keep the Faith.

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