I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
I've gotta admit, what I've read of Fr. Seraphim's book Genesis, Creation and Early Man and Wolfgang Smith's book on traditional cosmology The Wisdom of Ancient Cosmology; coupled with the works of the Kolbe Center and conferences by traditionalist Catholic priests on the matter; I no longer view evolution as a scientific possibility. It's just a naturalistic philosophical viewpoint. I mean, metaphysically evolution falls apart pretty quickly when leading proponents of it state that things just arose out of nothingness into something on their own. Which is impossible without a higher principle. Not to mention their skewed reasoning surrounding hierarchy and the natural order of creatures; lower things cannot beget higher things because they cannot give what they lack. An irrational creature cannot beget a rational creature because rationality is not a quality it possesses in and of itself.

Evolution, metaphysically, just does not work. And theistic evolution simply throws God into the works at the expense of the divinely revealed truths of Scripture.

Call me a fundamentalist, but I've come to put a lot more weight into the view of the Church Fathers and Scripture than I can in these modern, worldly philosophies of human origin.
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