I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
I don't think there is any problem with not believing in evolution. I disagree with it fundamentally on three issues; two metaphysical and one natural. 

1.  Evolutionary theory cannot account for the advent of intelligent, rational minds. This is much the same reason you give.
2.  Being a realist, I don't see how one creature can change its essence gradually. This is just an impossibility.
3.  Mechanically, I don't think that evolutionary theory can account for the origin of life (Behe's examples of irreducible complexity, the immense improbability against the formation of life under the perfect conditions, and Stephen Meyer's arguments about DNA as digital information.)

I think that Darwinian evolution has immense problems with it which are mostly swept under the rug because of the theory's "usefulness" for the anti-theistic gang. It really does have knock down power, especially since we have let Protestant fundamentalists and Biblicists to set the stage for the debate. 

There is growing discontent with the theory even among biologists and those who try to speak out are quickly silence. The Inquisition of our days. You're not alone in your doubt of evolutionary biology (right now I am going through the works of the Intelligent Design theorists. I am not saying that I back everything that they say or support them, but I think that their arguments have more merit to them then their puerile critics let on.)

Quote:... coupled with the works of the Kolbe Center and conferences by traditionalist Catholic priests on the matter...

I have come to grow very, very suspicious of the Kolbe Center to say the least. I say this as one who used to be swayed by their arguments. I think that most of them are well-intentioned people but if you dare disagree with them (within the bounds which the Church has set for opinions on this matter, mind you) then you are a modernist and a heretic.

On top of this, I have read some of their literature and I think it is junk science, at best. Just the other day I was reading and article which they have link on their cite affirm the coexistence of dinosaurs and mankind. The author of that article has this to say:

Quote:This brass engraving was made over 500 years ago, and decorates Bishop Bell's tomb in England. The two animals depicted are very unambiguous sauropods, but were probably known to the locals of the time as dragons. The animal on the left has a tail that ends in a spiked club, just like the sauropod Shunosaurus. It's fascinating to consider that these dinosaurs were probably roaming the hillsides of Medieval England!

This is ridiculous. Absolutely no geologist and no historian in his right mind would support this view. And, unless we are going to admit Beowulf or King Arthur, there is no historical evidence for enourmous reptiles"roaming the hillsides of Medieval England!"

Quote:Call me a fundamentalist...

You fundamentalist  :huh: :P
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