I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
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This is why I like this forum, I make an erroneous claim and receive the proper correction. Thank you.
I still am going to continue exploring this perspective of creation, but I will also keep the information you provided in mind. I still have a suspicion that there's something to a more Patristic cosmology, mainly because I've become more wary to the naturalistic accommodations some theologians in the Church have allowed in recent times.

I know that I mentioned the Kolbe Center earlier, but I must say I by no means cite them as authoritative on anything. At most, I just take a particular interest in their Patristic leanings regarding Genesis as opposed to some more modern creationist concessions regarding naturalist conclusions.

I'm not at all shocked to see your perspective on Fr. Ripperger, and I only brought him up because he's among the few Catholic priest who have actually mentioned this "herbivorous" perspective outside of the Church Fathers themselves. I do agree that he tends to overreach a bit in the topics he addresses, I personally have my own issues with his hard-line legalism regarding morality but I know this tends to stem from a purely Thomistic perspective, of which I do not completely adhere to (I'm becoming more Franciscan the more I read St Bonaventure  :D)
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