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(09-16-2019, 08:20 PM)Augustinian Wrote: I'm not at all shocked to see your perspective on Fr. Ripperger, and I only brought him up because he's among the few Catholic priest who have actually mentioned this "herbivorous" perspective outside of the Church Fathers themselves. I do agree that he tends to overreach a bit in the topics he addresses, I personally have my own issues with his hard-line legalism regarding morality but I know this tends to stem from a purely Thomistic perspective, of which I do not completely adhere to (I'm becoming more Franciscan the more I read St Bonaventure  :D)

Not to distract from the main topic, but from my seminary studies in Moral Theology, I'd not say that Fr Ripperger's rigorism is Thomistic.

We studied several theologians including Prümmer, who is about as Thomistic as one can get without just reading St Thomas himself. In that you find a far less rigorist opinion than with Fr Ripperger on issues of the marital act, for instance, so I don't think one could say his stance is Thomistic. Certainly no "hard-line legalism" is Thomistic either, for legalism is a form of volunarianism, which is very much Scotian, not Thomistic.

And as we saw above, the "herbivorous" perspective is also not Thomistic, so again, I'd not classify Fr Ripperger as a close follower of St Thomas Aquinas. He may follow St Thomas in certain areas, but takes his own track away from Thomistic principles at least on certain matters.

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