I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
(09-21-2019, 11:41 PM)Stanis Wrote:
(09-15-2019, 11:45 PM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: And thus the most interesting passage from St Thomas is Prima Pars, Question 96, Article 1, in his response to the second objection (my emphasis):

Quote:In the opinion of some, those animals which now are fierce and kill others, would, in that state, have been tame, not only in regard to man, but also in regard to other animals. But this is quite unreasonable. For the nature of animals was not changed by man's sin, as if those whose nature now it is to devour the flesh of others, would then have lived on herbs, as the lion and falcon. Nor does Bede's gloss on Genesis 1:30, say that trees and herbs were given as food to all animals and birds, but to some. Thus there would have been a natural antipathy between some animals.

"But this is quite unreasonable" seems a rather weak translation for the Latin "Sed hoc est omnino irrationabile".

In article 4 of the same question the term "irrationalibilibus" means the non-rational animals - those which lack reason entirely.

Agreed. A bit weak.

St Thomas isn't one to set up straw men, or drift towards ad hominems. I do chuckle on the few occasions, though when St Thomas seems to subtly take some dig at the objector. It makes him a bit more human, because I can only imagine he must have had some fun during some of those lectures he gave. I can only imagine what a sense of humor he must have had.

Which translation would you prefer, Stanis :

1. "But this is completely irrational."
2. "What a bovine idea!"
3. "Only a brute beast would come up with an idea like that!"
4. "Your mom."
5. None of the above.
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