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(11-14-2019, 12:07 AM)Augustinian Wrote:
(11-13-2019, 11:01 PM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: 3. Red herring : That Pope Innocent III was Pope during Lateran IV and one document he issued was contradicted by Pope Francis has nothing to do with Lateran IV and its interpretation and Progressive Creationism. That's classic Protestant-style argumentation, to feed in red herrings that make it sound like they have a case.

That was one thing that gave me pause when I was listening to it, how he brought up the changes regarding capital punishment out of literally nowhere.

Lol I figured that posting Hugh Owens would be like blood in the water for you. Good analysis.  :D

I've met Owen, and at least early along I thought him a decent Byzantine Catholic who was well meaning, but just a little off. I do think he probably is good-willed, but I also that the friends he pulled in, like Bob Sungenis were a really bad choice, and as a result he's become much more militant.

Listen, if someone wants to promote some theory of this, great. I, personally, don't care for any of them, because I don't think any of them really capture the whole truth of the matter, and a great deal of this is mystery. Thus, I'd be fine with Hugh trying to promote a Young-Earth Creation theory if it were theologically sound and were far less loaded with epithets towards those with whom he disagrees.

He seems, like so many Protestant Creationists (e.g. Kent Hovind) to be a Catholic reworking of these. Early along when trying to figure out how to teach science classes and Biology I was very intrigued by those types. After seminary studies, especially Patrology, and Scripture, I have a very different view of them.

I recall at a conference I attended that after some between-lecture discussions with some seminarians and a priest Hugh had to clarify that he was not saying that Theistic Evolution was heretical or against the Catholic Faith, and that the Church did allow it to be taught. He explained why he thought it wrong, and that was the reason for his work. From just the first few minutes of this video, though, it certainly sounds like he's bought Sungenis' view that those who the literal reading of Genesis 1 (and non-geocentrists) are heretics.

If Hugh were just to present the evidence for his case instead of seeking to try to label his opponents directly or indirectly as heretics, I would have some respect for him, and really would not feel the need to interject. But because he does seem to want to do that, and he is good at making it sounds very theologically sounds and erudite, thus my reaction.

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