I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
(02-12-2020, 10:06 AM)Paul Wrote: But if He did create every species, in the modern sense, at the beginning, and created each one a little bit different from the others, how could we tell the difference between that and evolution? It seems to me that much of the evidence for evolution presumes evolution, since it involves comparing structures in one animal to those in another, and if they're similar, they must be related. I'm sure I'm oversimplifying it here, but similarity by itself doesn't prove relatedness. That's assuming what you're trying to prove. It's like saying cars evolved from trucks, since they're obviously similar and have many of the same parts. But they're similar because they were created by a creator for a common purpose.

That may have been how it was described before the advent of modern genetics. We can see various species, even species from "different kinds" coming from the same genetic source, having the same original genetic pathway. We can trace it back now just as we can be certain who your parents, grandparents, great-grand parents, etc., were by looking at your genes. I've heard the same argument for this; that maybe the genes just look the same because they were made by the same creator. But this ignores what we know about how genetics work. It's essentially the same as saying "my parents really aren't my parents, even though they have genetic markers that show that they are. It's just that I and they were made by the same creator." It makes zero sense to look at genes, observe how they replicate and build upon what came before them, and then say this paradigm only works back to a certain point, beyond which it was just an instantaneous replication by the same creator, even though it doesn't show any sign of operating any differently prior to that point.

Once you get into it, creationists really have to do some mental gymnastics to avoid what we can know from modern genetics.

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