I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
(02-14-2020, 02:50 PM)Paul Wrote: Obviously the computer randomly modified the program, deleting versions that crash and keeping ones that work, until it got from Windows 95 to Windows 10. How else could they have the same code in them? Clearly there's a common ancestor of both programs that the original computer must have had. We don't know yet how the graphical interface developed, but not every version of a program is kept, so the ones in between must have been lost. Perhaps they're out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered.

The issues with Scriptural exegesis aside, this ends up being one of the biggest problems with any Darwinian explanation which it is reasonable to keep in mind, and where any variety of thesistic evolution, intelligent design or progressive creationist hypothesis will be formally different than Darwinism.

A Darwinian process (or the varieties of purely-materialistic processes), assumes random mutation produces changes. This can be shown of course, to a very limited degree. The problem comes with how to then justify that certain changes last. Survivial of the Fittest, of course, ends up be a substitute for final causality, but it ends up being a very poor substitute, indeed. Complex changes which clearly have an order clearly show not only design, but purpose. Merely saying that a change per accidens assists survival and reproduction does not sufficiently explain purpose, or order or design. It does not provide a real final cause, and that makes explaining the harmony and order of everything impossible.

Fundamentalists often conflate, or attempt to conflate Darwinism and permissible Catholic theories, but neglect that formal distinction. That is frustrating and ultimately unhelpful. Hopefully it is simply out of misplaced zeal rather than an intentional effort to red herring/poison the well with their opponents' arguments.

The materialistic approach always removes any final cause. The various theistic approaches demand a final cause.

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