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(02-12-2020, 05:25 PM)Paul Wrote: It only works back to a certain point, because prior to that, all the different kinds were separate. If there was no first organism for everything to descend from, shared genes prove nothing. It makes all sorts of sense to say that you can’t compare the genes of fish to those of dogs if the two never had a common ancestor. The only way it works your way is if there were, which is assuming what you want to prove.

Descent with variations produces a set of entities that can be consistently classified into nested groups.

Manuscripts of the Bible were generated by descent with variation (ie, copying). When these manuscripts are classified into groups, they form nested groups. Relationships between manuscripts are fairly consistent whether we look at spelling, artistic embellishment, or historical data about the manuscripts. Human languages also form nested groups, and relatively consistent nested groups when classified through different features of the languages.

Books in a library are not generated by descent with variation. What happens when we try to classify them into nested groups? One person might classify based on subject matter, another might classify based on size and shape, and another might classify based on the type of binding and paper. They can be classified, but the classification systems are not unique or consistent, and the implied "relations" between books not similar between classification systems.

So what about living organisms? They also form nested groups, so they fit the pattern of descent with variation. What if there were some number of distinct kinds from which they developed? When we tried to classify organisms, the descent within kinds would classify consistently into nested groups, and would classify relatively consistently into the same nested groups when we tried to build the classification system using different approaches - morphology, genetics, dating, etc. But the kinds themselves would be like books. They share similarities, but different approaches would produce different classification systems or relationships between the kinds. That inconsistency would be evidence that the relationships are not objective.

But that is not what we see with cellular organisms. Different approaches to classification yield consistent nested groups with consistent relationships.

So yes, there is a way to distringuish between things created similarly and things generated by descent with variation.
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