I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
This is more of a stream-of-consciousness than a serious argument, but here's an excerpt from my "journal" on the subject of evolution;

Quote:The thought of devolution crossed my mind this morning while reflecting upon the Fall and the teachings of the Church and Fathers on Genesis. Man fell from an exalted and perfect state. This need be kept in mind. And since all things were formally perfect in the Paradise of Eden, plants, creatures, and Man. So too were they afflicted by the Fall. The modern sentiment is that man developed from lesser things into his current form, only to change once more. They are correct in their view of simplicity becoming multiplicity, but erroneous in their assessment of it from purely natural means. It is seen as an upward progression from the less perfect to the more perfect. When rather, it is the opposite. What were once perfect in form under the physical expression of a creaturely kind,  as Man in Adam and Eve, so did things devolve into a multiplicity according to their kind. So Man became the multiplicity of men, in their various races, so too did the animals fall suit according to their kind. There was once a Lion in perfect creation, which has digressed into multiple forms of the feline species. They are all the singular kind of feline, from this "common ancestor" of the Paradisical Lion, but have a multiplicity of accidental expressions of lesser perfection. And so it is with all creatures ad infinitum, and so it will continue for all time until the Last Day when Christ recreates the heavens and the earth.

Take it as you will, but just something I was reflecting on.
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