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(02-27-2020, 05:36 PM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: There are even some early Fathers who denied that animals were in Paradise, and instead that they lived outside of Paradise which was a symbol of the Sanctifying Grace that rational creatures had. Since man is rational animal, an no one would think plants were rational or touched by Sanctifying Grace, it was proper that only a rational animal in Sanctifying Grace be admitted. Animals were brought to the edge of the garden for Adam to name, and thus Eve should have known very clearly that the serpent was a trap.

That is an interesting point, Adam going to the precipice of Paradise to name the animals makes me wonder, then, if what is meant by the Fall coincides with this ejection from Paradise into the world of death and suffering. As if Adam and Eve stepped from aeviternity into temporality, not simply spiritually, but physically as well, when they left the Garden.

I guess the one thing that still gives me pause about this perspective is in Romans 5:12 where St. Paul states that death entered the world through the introduction of sin in Adam. If he means not just spiritual death, but physical death, then would the 'world' he is referring to be that of man's subjective experience? Since death has already existed for the lesser creatures?

Quote:That's not offered as a rebuke, but as a means of facilitating discussion and perhaps deeper thought.

No offense taken. A discussion is all I am aiming at here.

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