You have No RIGHT to a Divorce
You have No RIGHT to a Divorce. Podcast Ann Barnhardt

Ann Barnhardt, podcast host, interviewed Bai MacFarland a couple days ago. describes our conversation:

In the very first “Conversations with Ann” edition of the Barnhardt Podcast, we welcome Bai (pronounced “Bay”, as in May Day) Macfarlane, founder of Mary’s Advocates, a lay non-profit organization whose goal is to strengthen marriage, reduce unilateral no-fault divorce, and support those who have been unjustly abandoned by their spouse. Bai and Ann have a no-holds barred discussion about marriage, “divorce”, and “decrees of nullity” which are being handed out like candy – all in the name of “mercy”. Ann asks Bai the 800 pound gorilla questions that other people won’t ask, such as, “What do you do if your bishop is a heretic and refuses to help defend your marriage?” and, “What does a faithful Catholic do if a cookie-cutter declaration of nullity is issued against their marriage which they are certain is false, and their marriage is valid?”

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Ann invited listeners to send questions and comments for the follow-up to this conversation to
Jesus said that he who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery. Adultery is a mortal sin. To be free of it, one must go to confession and break out of the adultrous union.
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