Sickening: Uncle Ted’s ‘Special Boy’
(07-26-2018, 07:52 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: A friend of mine who went through the seminary in the early 2,000's had to look around first but did find one that wasn't a problem and had good, solid and faithful men.

He almost wasn't ordained, however, because he had to have the approval of a sister who worked for the diocese, for some reason, who disapproved of his stance on homosexual sins.

I don't think the FSSP or ICK have to go through that kind of diocesan approval process though and are quite rigorous in their opposition to these problems.  

It doesn't mean it can't happen though, and it has.

Peace.....there are homosexuals in both male and female Orders.  In your friend's situation and the interview he had with the Sister, she was probably groomed to say things she said because it was and still is going in that direction.  God bless, angeltime Heart

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