North Carolina
Anyone familiar with the Asheville, NC area and surrounding communities?

What is the Catholic culture like, if any? The Catholic churches I've seen thus far in that area look horrendous; the Episcopal churches look even more beautiful in their architecture than the sterile Catholic Church architecture of the city.

What is the cost of living like? Exotic animal laws? Any ghettos? Jobs for STEM people like me? Cheaper to own a house there compared to mortgage rates in IL? Any Eastern Catholic churches around there, or FSSP, or Anglican Ordinariate parishes close by? Is it quieter? Etc.

Is it libtard SJW land full of sodomite sympathizers or is it fairly conservative with "Christian values," as secular people might say?

I have a relative who is going to retire around that area and she said we should look into it. I could definitely use a change in pace, but the thought of moving ALL of my animals halfway across the country would be an impossible challenge (2 birds, one gecko, 80+ invertebrates). Not to mention, I hate landlords and apartments.

But it is tempting.

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I'm currently in southern VA and I am fairly familiar with that region.  It's mountain country so you will find more simplicity than extravagance.  If you are the outdoors type you will love it but if you're more of a city slicker you will have a harder time adapting.

North Carolina as a whole is a pretty sound and stable state. Overall, I am sure it's cheaper but salaries and income my be lower depending on what you do for work so that could be a wash. The main question you should be asking yourself is, is the Holy Spirit prompting you?

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