Vegans and vegetarians may think they’re 'eating healthy.' They’re not
Remember, monks generally don't eat meat (other than the occasional fish).... it can't be THAT bad.
"If your heart comes to feel a natural hatred for sin, it has defeated the causes of sin and freed itself from them. Keep hell’s torments in mind; but know that your Helper is at hand. Do nothing that will grieve Him, but say to Him with tears: ‘Be merciful and deliver me, O Lord, for without Thy help I cannot escape from the hands of my enemies.’ Be attentive to your heart, and He will guard you from all evil."

- St. Isaias the Solitary

"Constant action overcomes cold; being still overcomes heat. Purity
and stillness give the correct law to all under heaven."

- Tao Te Ching 45
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a warning about flesh eating bacteria. Repulsive as this subject is, it is very important that any little scratch be cleansed immediately. Here is what it looks like it its earliest stages. Often doctors do not recognize it because it is still rare. However, I have personally met four who had it and now here is another, whose life is ruined by this bacteria. My advice is take a red hot implement like an ice pick heated red hot, or even a snuffed out hot match head, and burn the devilish infection out! But take a photo of it first. A 1/4 inch scar is worth a life saved! Then (or!) go to emergency and tell them what you suspect it was! It Spreads Very Rapidly! A doctor may not get to it as fast as you can at the stage you see in the photo! It can eat a large potion of a leg in 30 minutes!!! So kill it yourself, then go to Emergency for antibiotics. It would not hurt to immediately take echinacea -goldenseal immediately, if you have it on hand. This is a natural antibiotic.

And Practice Hygiene, oh Holy Mother of God!!!! Americans in general have become first class slobs when it comes to hygiene! Wash your hands before eating, rinse or wipe off purchases from the store, buss your own table and chair at a restaurant if you cannot get staff to do it, and if you go to a church with holy water, do not dip fingers in it unless it has salt in it, for saline solution sanitizes. And sanitize your hands before taking the host or take it on the tongue! And if you are sick, Stay Home!!! And keep your hands off your face ( my personal "bad" here-I am not perfect either! But this incident motivates me to a renewed reform!)

You do not want to see the photos of this horrid disease in its later stages!

I am unable to post the photo on this site, so you will have to research it yourself. At first, it looks like a sort of red bruise-cut-bubble thing, not like anything else you have seen.

Here is the link to the unfortunate traditional Catholic couple, the wife now in the hospital fighting for her life. I think the baby is OK. Please help and donate if you can and pray!:
Flesh Eating Bacteria comes from a 'mutated' strain of the common Streptococcus bacteria, same family as the one that causes 'strep throat', but if not treated soon enough, even this common little nasty can cause Scarlet Fever and result in permanent damage to the heart, especially the valves. 'Strep' is a dangerous character indeed and its mutated form is quite spectacularly destructive to skin and fascia tissues.

Keeping some colloidal silver solution on hand may be a good immediate, initial treatment if it is suspected and you are on the way to the hospital ER.
(08-05-2018, 11:12 PM)Florus Wrote: Remember, monks generally don't eat meat (other than the occasional fish).... it can't be THAT bad.

Monks (Catholic) also, generally, eat diary products and some are known to drink wine and beer as well. These are actually good for your health in moderation.
Here is another Doctor debunking the WHO classification of meat:

15 min

The food pyramid is upside down.  The grains are covered with glyphosate (RoundUP) and that's why we are seeing a rise in celiac, PCOS, fatty liver, lower fertility rates, diabetes, etc. etc.

Agenda 21, the plan to cram all of us into "smart cities" pushes veganism since meat is bad for "climate change".

Here is a short cartoon where they explain to us what it will be like when we are all vegan and only get meat on our birthday or something:


We Trads will probably have to live in one of the "Cry Freedom Ghettos". :P

And always remember:  SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!

Check this out!  Bertrand Russell Food Corp

Just like they said in "Wally", "It's a a cup!"  

The bottom of every page of their website says "We heart Bertrand Russell".   :huh:
Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist. 
The demons of the air together with the Antichrist will perform great wonders  
The Church will be in eclipse

-Our Lady of La Salette

Like Christ, His Bride the Church will undergo its own passion, burial, and resurrection.
-unknown traditional priest

Father Ripperger said that if we are detached from all things, aren't afraid to suffer, and we accept all suffering as the will of God for our sanctity, we have nothing to fear!
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