Rod Dreher: Coming out of the Catholic Clerical Closet
Rod Dreher’s latest article describes this current storm as the storm before the storm.  

Rod Dreher: The American Conservative - August 04

In this article, Rod references a Gay Priest Columnist who speaks about the truth of the Lavender Mafia, and the rules of hypocrisy and contradiction that exist within. He claims that the laity will be astonished at how big and pervasive this problem actually is, and that bombshells will be coming.

Dreher quotes Fr James Alison, from his essay, as follows:

Quote:And so to some systemic dimensions of “the elephant in the sacristy”. The first is its size. A far, far greater proportion of the clergy, particularly the senior clergy, is gay than anyone has been allowed to understand, even the bishops and cardinals themselves. Harvard Professor Mark Jordan’s phrase “a honeycomb of closets”, in which each enclosed participant has very little access to the overall picture, is exactly right. But the proportion is going to become more and more self-evident thanks to social media and the generalised expectations of gay honesty and visibility in the civil sphere. This despite many years of bishops resisting accurate sociological clergy surveys.

During the last papal election in 2013 we did have hints that the Vatican and the cardinal electors were shocked at discovering from reports commissioned by Benedict how many of them were gay. Part of their shock has to have been their fear at how the faithful would be scandalised if they had any idea. They were right to be afraid, and the faithful are going to have an idea as the implosion of the closet accelerates.

I know there are many people who feel Malachi Martin is overly sensational based upon many of his ad-hoc interviews with questionable media and phone in shows.  But the Malachi Martin who spoke and wrote for National Review in the 70s and the 80s, speaking about the geopolitical component of Vatican affairs and church life, was a coherent and credible insider, who often spoke of a superforce within the church that even JPll could not contain or fix in 1978; all he could do was maintain a fragile unity with this superforce. We now know this superforce as a lavender mafia, and it’s set within the institution like reinforced concrete.  

History is showing us he may not have been as sensational as some of his detractors state.  On many other points, Martin is on the mark with many candid observations, if you look at his interviews from the first few years of JPll s papacy and earlier, 20+ years before JPll’s death.  

1. Heretical German and French Bishops looking to elect a pope after their own heart.
2. A feminist and immoral rage that is anti family and anti marian
3. Cultural Marxism and U.N. Global initiatives like mass immigration and climate change
4. Unless the pope goes on a crusade against his own church, JPII cannot change anything. A pope whose authority ends at the door. 

It’s hard not to guess what the Fatima message truly involves. Given what we already know from official statements from Cardinals who have read the secret, and from Antonio Soccis book, we look at what Pope Benedict recently revealed to Ingo Dollenger about there being more to Fatima than what was released.  We see pope Benedict resigning after the Vatican Leaks scandal, where a dossier on a Gay Mafia is allegedly left to his successor to deal with, as he retreats to a life of prayer.  What did his successor do with the dossier?

Nothing.  Under Pope Francis, there is only time for ambiguity and contentious conversation around established truth.  Cardinals long marginalized by Benedict (Daneels, Kasper...) are amongst his closest confidants on issues of faith, morals and the family, along with the core cardinals now embroiled in the sex scandals in Honduras, Chile, and the USA. At the same time, The Dubia still goes unanswered and unacknowledged, as does a Formal declaration by close to 100 prominent Catholic academics and theologians addressed to Pope Francis concerning the risk of heresy.  Eternal salvation and the devil has given way to climate change and immigration as the greatest risks to catholic life. Now, with the recent revelations that his Bishops have destroyed whatever remains of their trust with the laity, the Holy Father breaks with traditional catholic teaching and changes the catechism of the church.   

God has withdrawn his grace, the Virgin requested the simplest of tasks, where the supernatural rewards of obeying were overshadowed by “geopolitical risks and global concerns”, even though our lord said his kingdom was not of this earth.  Our shepards have lost the faith, and as such, the Roman Catholic institutional organization is a fraud. But I pray that our Lord has mercy upon us and again bestows the graces to bring this to an end for the salvation of innocent souls. This is the battle between good and evil; hearts are not going to convert amongst the bishops and an indifferent (apathetic) laity until Mary comes in the clouds.
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