Reading and Living Scriptures
Peace.....I think we or many of us are guilty of not reading scriptures enough - this is the Holy Bible where we find solutions to all of our problems.  We do this not just by reading, but by learning, remembering and most importantly, living it daily.  Somewhere along the way, we seem to have been caught up in many authors who may have good true important things to say, but there are also authors who can put their own slant on it to draw attention and bring in the $, but also just to rid themselves of their own frustrations of perhaps not being heard.  

I have come to take serious note after hearing a priest many years ago on retreat say, "The solutions to all of our problems are in the Holy Bible....." and then recently being told by a friend that a few weeks ago, she was told the same thing on retreat without knowing my experience and prior to that, another friend saying the same, about 3 months ago.

 It really IS time to depend more on the Holy Bible and the Apostolic Fathers as the first and priority in our reading agenda and teachings to live - actually, live!

God bless, angeltime :heart:
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