Perspective on the Crisis
Hello fellow fishies, I thought i'd get my thoughts out on the forum a bit, partly to vent and partly in hope that it could edify some folks who haven't been keeping up with this mess.

Firstly, it's undeniable that this is a predatory homosexual problem, involving men who intentionally entered into the Church to seek out prey and fulfill their repugnant desires, and who care little or nothing at all for the Faith. This is the true face of homosexuality; it is hideous, violent, full of the spirit of Hell and intent on spreading that spirit.

Secondly, it seems clear that something is in motion and Our Lady is gearing up to clean house and crush some heads. If you don't already, pray your three Hail Marys in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before you go to sleep, for your own sanctity and for the sake of the Church. Our Lady is our mother and she wants to be close to us, and when we become more pure and more holy, we will get the shepherds we need.

Lastly, we cannot give up hope in the midst of this disaster. If you are struggling with the Faith because of this crisis, please do not despair and remember that we are in constant battle against the armies of sin and death and for us to abandon the fight is to betray Christ the King and lose our souls.

I know I'm totally preaching to the choir but I hope that maybe this will reach someone who's struggling and needs some encouragement. I linked a few articles and videos that have been really helpful in putting this whole thing into perspective.
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The homosexual issue is but one face of the problem. The real problem is liberalism in all its various forms eg. Modernism, relativism, rampant egalitarianism, corrupt authorities, general unlawfulness, anarchy, etc. It all stems from the same place.

The Revolution as one may call it dates back to the beginning of time when Lucifer proclaimed "I will not serve!" This same cconcept is behind every sinful action in history.

We need to remember that regardless of who sits in the Chair of Peter, who is president etc. They are not the enemy. 

The current state of the Church and the world is a punishment for our own disobedience. Each of us has at one point said "I will not serve". The only way any of this will be solved is by divine providence. If we want to see changes in these things we must trust and serve God by becoming holy.
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