Teaching Kids about the Cardinal Virtues
A good way to teach your kids about the cardinal moral virtues might be to associate each with a body part and do so visually, so they'll be more likely to remember.

Point to your head and tell them about prudence - the virtue (habit) of using reason to figure out the right thing to do in a given circumstance, taking into consideration things like the person or people one is dealing with, timing, place, the potential effects of a given action, etc. Note that prudence is also listed as an intellectual virtue above.

Point to your heart and tell them about fortitude -- the virtue (habit) of getting rid of obstacles that stand in the way of doing the right things and of Justice. It can be thought of as courage, bravery, valor, determination, having "a lotta heart" like Rocky Marciano.

Point to your belly and tell them about temperance -- the virtue (habit) of dealing well with concupiscible passions, sensual and sensuous desires, etc., like the desire to eat or drink too much.

Point outward and up and tell them about justice -- the virtue (habit) of giving others, including God, what is due to them.

After they've made the associations intellectually and they've all been explained, having them point to the body part in question while just naming the virtue, in the above order, might get it all to go deeply into their memories. Challenge them to do it as fast as they can for laffs and to make it a game. They could do this while singing this rhyme to the rhythm of "Two bits, four bits, six pence, a dollar":

         Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance, Justice:
         These are the habits on which we focus.

Read more about the virtues, and Catholic moral thinking in general, here: https://www.fisheaters.com/moralthinking.html
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That's a great idea!  Grace builds on nature, and it's so important for kids (and everyone!) to learn how to dispose themselves to receive the graces that God wants to give us.

I made up a song about the 7 virtues for my kids' homeschool co-op. It goes to the tune of "Do You Know the Muffin Man"

"Prudence, Justice, Temperance,
and Fortitude are good habits.
They prepare our soul for grace,
the Four Cardinal Virtues.

Faith and Hope and Charity,
the Theological Virtues three.
From the Blessed Trinity,
they help us get to heaven."

I made up a cool worksheet with stickers too. I'll come back and post it later some time when I'm preparing to teach that unit again.
Remember, O Christian soul, that thou hast this day, and every day of thy life: God to glorify- Jesus to imitate- The Angels and Saints to invoke- A soul to save- A body to mortify- Sins to expiate- Virtues to acquire- Hell to avoid- Heaven to gain- Eternity to prepare for- Time to profit by- Neighbors to edify- The world to despise- Devils to combat- Passions to subdue- Death perhaps to suffer- Judgment to undergo.
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Quote:Do we teach our kids the cardinal virtues at school?  Especially in the era of Internet and technologies, where Christian home instructors presently live, it is fundamentally significant that they perceive that there is nothing of the sort as an old or out of date good or moral truth. Scriptural truth. Those things that are valid, and beautiful, and of a decent essay writing service report in one age will perpetually be the equivalent in the following, in spite of the fact that the outward articulations of such things may without a doubt fluctuate. Christian guardians who want to bring up upstanding kids must not neglect to open them to an investigation of those ideals which are tried and true, especially when such lessons are in agreement with the everlasting standards of God's Word.

I still have my handouts for grade 5 which I used in the classroom (I explained 2 key points: safe environment and the cardinal virtues). 
A good read: Raising Catholic Kids who Live the Virtues by Jeffrey Arrowood.

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