Just A Mom??
This guy isn't Catholic, but he gives a good description of the value of motherhood here.

Some topics he discusses include:

1. The currency of Motherhood is appreciation from Dad without which moms burnout. sad

2.  "Child Free!" can be just as mundane and monotonous as motherhood.

3.  The value of creating a life vs creating a building or a painting.

4.  Motherhood molds you into a better person because it requires you to grow in virtue.

He uses the F-word once or twice, but I appreciate how he points out the empty promises sold by the mainstream culture about the child-free life being so exciting all the time.  Rolleyes  

I always said that you're either wiping them or kissing them so you might as well stay home and be your own boss!  Big Grin

Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist. 
The demons of the air together with the Antichrist will perform great wonders  
The Church will be in eclipse

-Our Lady of La Salette

Like Christ, His Bride the Church will undergo its own passion, burial, and resurrection.
-unknown traditional priest

Father Ripperger said that if we are detached from all things, aren't afraid to suffer, and we accept all suffering as the will of God for our sanctity, we have nothing to fear!
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I dealt with being "just a mom" at a time when it was not a popular thing to do.  It really hurt my feelings, really tore me down, to be treated like that.  My mother and my Grandmother were the ONLY people who thought I was doing the right thing.  It was a constant source of discord between my husband and me - yes, we should have talked about this before we got married.....
But I do not regret one single day of staying home with the kids.  You only get one shot at being a parent, there are no do-overs.
And if you don't raise them, someone else will.
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