A Peculiar Mamma Cat
Grab a hanky!

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That's a nice story, Vox. The dog in the video I'm linking is more or less retired now I understand, because he is elderly but I used (a few years ago) to like the videos of this dog with his foster kittens. The lady said she didn't know when she named him that his name (with a slightly different spelling had a perhaps unfortunate meaning).
Ya, this sort of 'cooperative' activity that has been noted in animals (like the post I did on a Narwal Whale adopted by Beluga Whale Pod) is most troubling for evolutionists. There may be some extra-species intersexual relationships in the mix. The animals may be more than just foes, perhaps there is more than maternal instincts afoot...perhaps sexual activity too?

One should have an open mind; open enough that things get in, but not so open that everything falls out
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I think the dog in question has had "the snip", Zedta - and because of the surplus population of feral cats most cat rescue centres have their rescue cats neutered. So no hanky-panky in this instance. My cat has no love of the dogs next-door (which are huskies) but fortunately my neighbour erected a stout fence between the two gardens. (I'm glad because one of the dogs apparently brought down a fallow deer stag in a beauty spot a few miles from my hometown).
Not a mother cat this time, but seems like Larry, the resident kitty at no. 10 has the police officer on duty firmly wrapped round his paw. It appears mice are no respecters of persons and no. 10 Downing Street - which you may know is where the present incumbent of the position of British Minister lives - needs a mouser as much as any house in the land. This event was a week or so ago but England is still suffering from similar rainy weather.

I didn't know until (relatively) recently that the Mr Downing after whom the street is named had a connection with Massachusetts. Some versions of his life story have him being born in England some say he was born in the (then) American colonies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_George...st_Baronet
If a cat can look at the king, then
PMs would seem small potatoes

Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
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That's pretty funny, BH. Or if they are like my cat walk over the keyboard when I'm trying to type something. I say "Down" but have to lift her off physically.
Well SPH, (as I like to wisely say), 'when you figure out cats, let me know'.

Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
A wet nurse cat. How amazing!
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