My New Gender Identity is “Emperor” — My Pronoun is “Your Majesty”
Fair one St Patrick's Helpmate, it just kind of blurted out, sorry & welcome back.

Off to the naughty step...

Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
No problems, BH - the clip would have been better on a serious thread and perhaps I should have said something more to put things in context. Actually, among people I meet in the real world I find they are fed up of stuff in the media about transgenderism - not just Catholics because in the UK we are in the minority - and a lot of people nowadays aren't religious at all. It's not that there isn't a place for a serious conversation (or conversations) about transgenderism vis-a-vis religion/Christianity/Catholicism but the clip I entered wasn't that.

I wouldn't want to put you off expressing an opinion, BH. It's better to be honest.

Logging off again now but I had to edit because autocorrect had changed 'thread' to 'threat' - hopefully I've changed it back now.

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