Is Marijuana use mortal sin? I say YES... (and it's now legal in my province.)
Out of curiosity, those here who are opposed to marijuana usage, have you ever actually used it?  As someone who has used it, and who rarely uses it, a lot of your objections are coming across as ignorant repetition of fearmongering.  But maybe I've just never had the experiences you're referring to.

Friendly.neighborhood.papist, I wonder if what you are describing is because alcohol is regulated and marijuana, unless you are in a state that allows its sale, is still a black market item that you don't know what you're really getting.  In my experience, the stuff you get from a dispensary in Colorado, you'll respond to it the same each time.  

It's also difficult to control how you will respond to someone's bathtub gin, you know what I mean?  But Beefeater?  You'll have the same reaction as long as you're drinking the same quantity.

In my opinion, if you're only using marijuana moderately, not to get so stoned that you lose control of your rational brain (which does not happen when you use it moderately), the only sin that could be associated with it is breaking a law that is not an unjust hindrance. And then, I imagine it couldn't be more than venial.
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