Is Marijuana use mortal sin? I say YES... (and it's now legal in my province.)
(10-17-2018, 12:29 PM)Some Guy Wrote: ... I also know how innocent pot is relatively speaking. But it blows my mind Catholics would embrace such blantant indulging of the senses. If mortifying our senses helps develop virtue, I would confidently argue that recreational pot use helps develop vice.


Morality isn't a matter of relative gravity. As Vox, said, Catholic morality is about order, and not disorder. Pleasure is not only acceptable, but positively good if it is the result of order actions (e.g. the marital act by married people), and positively evil when it is disordered (e.g. the marital act by those not married).

Pleasure is morally neutral. Pleasure for pleasure sake (if this is the primary end) is always at least venial sinful, since always disordered. If it takes us completely away from our proper end, it is gravely sinful.

Personally, I would say that marijuana use is mortally sinful, but under certain circumstances could be only a venial sin, and in a few other rare cases where it might be no sin at all. For the average user or person, however, it would constitute a grave sin. 

I will explain my reasoning in a later post.
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