Is Marijuana use mortal sin? I say YES... (and it's now legal in my province.)
I've never smoked it, never will.  I'm more of a beer and Scotch man.

That being said, I tend to agree with those saying using it in moderation (much like alcohol) isn't evil.  As far as the concept of legalizing it leading to me living next to a patchouli-reeking hippie commune, one could make the same argument that I'd not want to live next door to a drunkard who pukes and passes out in his front yard every other night.  
Regarding legalizing it, again, I'd rather see it legalized and regulated, so a) we can quit wasting money and resources locking people up for using something probably no worse that tobacco, b) so people know what they're getting (MJ vs MJ laced with something else), and c) I hate to say government, but yes, I think it could be beneficial for the government to tax it like anything else, then use that money to help better society.  Granted, Congress would probably allocate that revenue toward programs for modern theatrical presentations of Medieval lesbian feminist literature, but I can dream...

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