Is Marijuana use mortal sin? I say YES... (and it's now legal in my province.)
(10-17-2018, 11:08 PM)Jeeter Wrote: As far as the concept of legalizing it leading to me living next to a patchouli-reeking hippie commune, one could make the same argument that I'd not want to live next door to a drunkard who pukes and passes out in his front yard every other night.  

Regarding legalizing it, again, I'd rather see it legalized and regulated, so a) we can quit wasting money and resources locking people up for using something probably no worse that tobacco, b) so people know what they're getting (MJ vs MJ laced with something else), and c) I hate to say government, but yes, I think it could be beneficial for the government to tax it like anything else, then use that money to help better society.  Granted, Congress would probably allocate that revenue toward programs for modern theatrical presentations of Medieval lesbian feminist literature, but I can dream...

Legalization, of course, is a separate argument from the moral one. Not everything immoral is illegal, nor should it be.

I would not be in favor of legalization for recreational purposes, or possession of it by any Tom, Dick, or Sally (used to be Harry, but you know these days ...). I think that leads to all kinds of worse moral problems and probably will lead more to try it who otherwise would be pushed away. Still, that legal argument is really an argument of prudence in the toleration of an evil. Is it better to tolerate the evil, especially if the worse effect is that legitimate laws are not enforced, leading to a disrespect of other laws? A fair question, but perhaps it's an imprudent time to ask that question.

The real problem with the draconian prohibition of marijuana as Schedule 1 in the U.S. and equivalent elsewhere is that it stopped legitimate medical research. Imagine if research determined that certain drugs and extracts produced from marijuana were medically helpful, and we made such products in such a way as to derive the beneficial effects without the harmful effects of smoking marijuana or the hallucinogenic effects or the immoral aspects. 

Recreational users just jump on the medical bandwagon. Notice how none call for more medical research and the production of drugs, but for the legalization of the plant. That is not because of the medical benefits, but a step-wise strategy to eventually legalize recreational use. But that exists, along with the cartels, because instead of a rational policy there was wholesale prohibition.

Prohibition of recreational use : good, in my opinion.

Prohibition of medical research : a terrible shame, because it leads to the stupidly of thinking that smoking dope is good medicine.
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