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I knew this was coming. I kept speculation to myself because I didn’t want to gossip for gossips sake. But I knew in the pit of my stomach this was coming. This is how the Latin Mass will be newly suppressed I just know it. I wanna cry. Someone hold me. Please let this lead to schism. Please an imperfect synod formally declare him a heretic. SOMETHING.

I got legit upset when I saw this because I had indeed been worried this would happen. Sorry for jumping the gun and not knowing how to internet.

For those who are confused. The article is presenting the hypothetical, what if Francis was the one to introduce the Novus Ordo?

I’m embarrassed. But that’s ok! It’s good for the development of humility.
Ave Christus Rex!
Wait a second.

I’m a damned fool aren’t I?
Ave Christus Rex!
(10-23-2018, 09:45 AM)Some Guy Wrote: Wait a second.

I’m a damned fool aren’t I?

No, but you may have some scrupulosity issues.
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It can be easy to expect the worst and rush to conclusions. Even if not true, however, this does raise an opportunity to make a point though. It gets very irritating to see how evil shows itself so boldly, and nothing but crickets from those who are supposedly good. We need lions, but we keep getting kittens.
It gave me the heeby jeebies when I saw it this morning on the site but when I read the quote about "disturbing pious persons" I knew I had heard that elsewhere before. Still a spook though.
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And here's 1P5's response to the comments of people who were taken in just as the OP was: Out of the Pot, Already: A Word on ‘Clickbait’.
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(10-23-2018, 02:51 PM)jovan66102 Wrote: And here's 1P5's response to the comments of people who were taken in just as the OP was: Out of the Pot, Already: A Word on ‘Clickbait’.

I'm quite suprised that 1P5 would double-down on an imprudent decision.

Whatever value the Whispers article has in critique is lost in sentence one : 

Quote:Plenty of controversy now surrounds Pope Francis: his seemingly invalid election, ...

I get that some people really want to lust back over the leeks, onions, and garlic of Benedict, and unreasonably question his resignation. But even among traddie and conservative Catholics it's a fringe issue, and something that can be demonstrated as untenable based on the common theological opinion that the acceptance of a Pope by the vast majority of Catholics without major schisms in progress infallibly guarantees that man is Pope.

We could quibble over whether indeed there is not major controversy, and perhaps that justified withholding some certainty, and while I would argue the more traditional theological point, I think everyone can agree considering Francis invalidly elected is a fringe thing.

To start an entire article with a fringe issue being the first item of "controversy" poisons everything that follows.

That's part-for-the-course in the blogosphere among the smaller and more fringe folks, but for a fairly major player in Catholic News and Commentary like 1P5 to publish that makes me wonder how there could be such a lapse of judgement and instead of a "sorry, we goofed" we get a "this guy is brilliant, and all you crazies objecting just don't understand."

Certainly brings down 1P5 several notches in my mind.
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Yeah, I'm surprised that 1P5 is going full in on this one and even though tons of people are making their disappointment known and how some people were in fear of something new happening in the comments, they still doubled down.
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